Andrea Lee

Level 3 Stylist - Owner/Founder/Educator

“An individual can make a great difference, but as a team we can create miracles.”

About Me

A native to Bethlehem Pennsylvania, Andrea graduated from Liberty High School. Knowing her passion from a young age, Andrea obtained her Cosmetology license from The Vision Academy a Paul Mitchell Partner School, formerly located in Allentown Pennsylvania in 2009. Gaining experience and momentum, Andrea wanted to create a place that represented her belief “Everyone should feel fabulous”. With a passion for helping people grow, in 2013 Andrea opened A-List Salon, holding true to her vision, a place known for its flexibility, honesty, and outstanding service to customers, co-workers, and our community. 

Andrea has earned Advanced and Master’s Certification in Color, Balayage, Blondeing, Color-Correction, Color Melting, and Highlighting. She has successfully completed product knowledge, customer service and positivity training at A-List Salon and is Matrix SoColor, and Cezanne Keratin certified. Andrea enjoys working with long and short hair, and her favorite time of day is when she has a bowl of color and paintbrush in her hand.


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